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Exposing the mouth and heart health connection

Almost half of people over 30 face gum disease, which can up your chances of serious heart problems. Here’s the scoop on why and how you can fight back.

Oral bacteria can trigger widespread inflammation

Almost half of people over 30 face gum disease, which can up your chances of serious heart problems. Here’s the scoop on why and how you can fight back.

Source: Harvard Health

Cavities can contribute to arterial plaque build-up

Cavity-causing bacteria can enter the bloodstream and contribute to plaque formation and atherosclerosis — which increases your risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart disease.

Source: University of Pennsylvania
Source: Harvard Health

“People with gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) have two to three times the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other serious cardiovascular event.”

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Introducing the world’s first smartbrush designed to support heart (and whole-body) health

The mouth body connection

Oral Health Meets Systemic Health: Feno understands the link between oral health and whole body health, providing oral health insights that could signal systemic issues.

TrueFit Mouthpiece

Right-sized for you: Here’s how Feno uses AI to outfit you with the right TrueFit Mouthpiece

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The Feno Hub: Double biodefense design for unmatched hygiene and cleanliness

Airflow Drying System

Dries bristles after each brush to prevent bacteria build-up

Hygiene Shield

Hinged lid protects bristles from airborne bacteria in your bathroom

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Built In Oral Health Scanner

Feno’s Smarthandle features a built-in high-definition oral scanner that monitors your mouth for potential signs of gum disease and decay to get in front of them early and fast.

Feno Plus

Actionable Oral Health Reporting: Dentist reviewed and AI-powered

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20 Seconds for the

Cleanest Full Mouth Brush Ever

In just 24 hours, plaque and bacteria accumulate on the teeth and gumline, increasing the risk of cavities and gum issues.

The Founder’s Edition Bundle:

Your Complete Oral Care Kit

$299 Pre Launch, Normally $399

3 Tubes Xyfoam

Xylitol foaming toothpaste

Feno Hub

Drying System & Hygiene Shield

Feno Smartbrush

Includes Oral Scanner & Mouthpiece

1 Month Feno Plus

Oral Health Insights & Connected Dentist


Does the Smartbrush need any user technique to work effectively?

The Feno® Smartbrush is designed to be user-friendly and requires minimal technique for effective use. While the advanced technology, including the TrueFitTM Mouthpiece and ArcFlow TechTM, ensures comprehensive cleaning, users should still follow a simple technique for optimal results. While the Smartbrush is on, it is recommended to move the TrueFitTM Mouthpiece in a slow circular motion. This motion helps to achieve optimal bristle contact with all areas of the teeth and gums, enhancing the brushing results.

How is the Feno Smartbrush™ different from other electric toothbrushes?

The Feno Smartbrush is a radical step forward for oral health. The average toothbrush has 2,500 bristles; the Feno Smartbrush has an average of 18,000. The average toothbrush brushes each tooth one at a time; the Feno Smartbrush brushes all teeth simultaneously. The average brush cycle takes 120 seconds; the Feno Smartbrush takes 20. The Feno Smartbrush is also the first brush that takes deep scans of your teeth and gums to provide ongoing insights into the condition of your oral health. An astonishing 90% of individuals suffer from some form of gum disease, an oversight we aim to correct with the Feno Smartbrush, designed as the product to bridge oral health and overall health.

How does the Feno app provide personalized feedback and advice on oral health?

The Feno app revolutionizes personalized oral care by leveraging advanced technology and professional expertise. Embedded in the Smarthandle of the Smartbrush is a scanner that captures images of your mouth, including critical areas like the gumline, tooth integrity, and signs of inflammation. Once you complete a scan, the data is automatically synchronized with your profile on the Feno app. This seamless integration ensures that your oral health information is consistently up-to-date and readily accessible. The app then utilizes a dual approach for analysis: a network of licensed dentists and an evolving machine learning model. These dentists review and annotate your scans, providing valuable insights into your oral health status. Their annotations not only offer you personalized feedback and advice but also contribute to training our machine learning model. This model is designed to recognize patterns and deliver rapid, routine insights, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of the feedback you receive over time. Additionally, the app's chat feature allows you to directly communicate with a dentist from our network. This functionality enables you to discuss your scan results, ask questions, and receive expert advice, all within the app. You can easily share your scan data and reports with your dentist during these consultations, making the discussions more informed and productive.

Is there privacy built-in with the scanner?

Yes, the Feno Smartbrush includes multiple built-in privacy features for the scanner. The device is equipped with a secondary privacy chip, ensuring that all operations related to the scanner are securely handled. This chip prevents remote access to the scanner, enhancing the security and privacy of the device. Additionally, all data collected by the scanner is encrypted, providing an added layer of security to protect users' personal information.

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