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Gum Guarding: Your First Line of Defense Against Inflammation

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Beyond Brushing: How Feno Is Pioneering the Teledentistry Revolution

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The Hidden Link: How Your Smile Predicts Your Heart Health

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Digestive Beginnings: Oral Health’s Influence on Gut Wellness

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Pregnancy and Periodontal Health: Feno’s Role in Maternal Wellness

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Respiratory Readiness: Breathe Easier with Good Oral Care

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Cancer Prevention Starts with Your Smile: Feno’s Role in Oral Health

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The Arthritis Connection: Can Smarter Brushing Reduce Joint Pain?

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Brain Power Begins in Your Mouth: The Oral Health-Neurological Connection

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Unlocking a Diabetes Defense: The Surprising Role of Oral Hygiene

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How does smile affect your confidence?

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Unveiling the Fascinating Link - how gum health impacts heart disease risk

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Brush your teeth! Bad oral hygiene linked to cancer, heart attacks and renal failure

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The Simple, Affordable Key to Naturally Whiter Teeth

Feno latest

Unveiling the Fascinating Link - how gum health impacts heart disease risk

3 min read

Founders spotlight

We founded Feno to revolutionize dental care, understanding the vital connection between oral and overall health.

Seeing how closely our oral health ties to our overall well-health, I started Feno to use technology to make dental care smarter and keep you healthier.

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