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Feno | May 31, 2024 | 2 min read

Beyond Brushing: How Feno Is Pioneering the Teledentistry Revolution

Essential Takeaways

  • Feno is making it faster and easier than ever to connect with dentists with their Feno Smartbrush™ which has a built-in oral scanner that captures high-definition imaging and regularly scans the teeth for signs of oral health concerns. This allows you to virtually connect with a dentist and get feedback and recommendations in real time through Feno's in-app chat.

Feno is making it faster and easier than ever to connect with dentists when and where you need them 

Telemedicine might feel like a modern development, but its history dates back to 1959 when Nebraska Psychiatric Institute first used early videoconferencing technology to provide therapy and consultations. 

Fast forward a few decades and telemedicine showed its true power during Covid. As millions of sick Americans were quarantined at home, they were able to access the care they needed through virtual methods like video, phone, and text. In 2021, a startling 37% of adults used telemedicine, solidifying remote and virtual medical care as part of our country’s everyday wellness system. 

Today, many people use telehealth as the primary channel for seeking medical care. Services like MinuteClinic, BetterHelp, and Talkspace are making it easier and faster than ever to access quality medical and therapeutic professionals without the barriers of navigating complex insurance systems, finding qualified providers, and scheduling appointments (that are usually weeks out). Telemedicine services offer immediate consultations so patients can have their problems addressed when they need relief. 

But what about teledentistry? 

The oral care industry has been lagging behind when it comes to alternative pathways to care. The primary channel (and in many cases, the only channel) for dental consultations is in-office visits. And that makes sense — to do their work, dentists need access to technology and equipment that most people don’t have at home, which makes it hard to address even the simplest of dental concerns via video. 

And yet this service is needed so badly. 

Every year more than 100 million Americans don’t go to the dentist for their routine cleaning, which means they’re not in contact with an oral health professional who might catch minor issues before they become major ones. 

And that’s a huge problem. 

Even if you are going to the dentist every six months (and again, too many people don’t), what if you need care between visits? Minor issues like gum inflammation, sensitivity, cavities, or toothaches can become big issues in a six-month time frame. The lag time between visits creates huge windows of opportunity for oral care problems to begin and go unaddressed. 

Feno is making teledentistry easy, effective, and affordable

It’s time for a better teledentistry option that lets people connect with dentists when they need them, between in-office visits, and from the comfort of their own homes — and without having to schedule in-office appointments weeks in advance. 

The Feno Smarbrush™ is making it possible. 

The Feno Smartbrush is a full-mouth smartbrush that features a built-in oral scanner that captures high-definition imaging and regularly scans the teeth for signs of gingivitis, inflammation, plaque build-up, and other oral health concerns. 

Those images are sent directly to one of Feno’s certified teledentists who shares their findings, feedback, and recommendations in real time in Feno’s in-app chat. They help answer questions and address concerns throughout the process, and make it simple and easy to address dental issues between appointments.

The teledentistry revolution is here, and Feno is leading the way. This solution is just one of the many ways Feno is building a future where prevention and intervention technology live in every home. To learn more about the Feno Smartbrush or Feno’s teledentistry service, visit Feno.co. 

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We founded Feno to revolutionize dental care, understanding the vital connection between oral and overall health. Our tech driven products offer more than superb cleaning—they give you routine & insightful health monitoring to help improve your overall health.

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